Triple Cross Brand Cowboy Christian Ministry

TCB-LogoAt the Triple Cross Brand Cowboy Christian Ministry we don’t have a traditional or regular Church. We travel to our congregations. They may be at cowboy church services at a rodeo, small town, church, hospital, care home or a cowboy gathering – anywhere we can try to get the message out and do some good. The Ministry includes cowboy poet Diamond Doug Keith and two singer songwriters, “Big Ray” Martin and Mike “Quinton” Blair, as well as the Plett Family. Although not everyone will be at each service it may be a mixture of the group or all together. We also may bring in other singers and musicians or readers and folks who may give their testimonial.

Each service is different. But they all deliver a message of the Lord in a home spun, earthy, cowboy way. One of our mandates is to carry God’s word to those who may not get to hear it normally. Whether they are working the land, working cattle, traveling to rodeos or because of the way they look they are not welcome in regular suburban Churches.

diamond_pulpitvert-c2A CD of original Gospel material will help to fund the Ministry and raise money for worthy causes . It features original Cowboy Gospel songs, poems and stories. This is a nice mixture leaving you with the feeling you’ve just been to a Cowboy Church Service. It consists of some of the most talented people in western Canada, including Diamond Doug Keith. Doug started being a part of cowboy church services around 2001 and began preaching in cowboy churches around 2005. He graduated as a Lay Minister in the United Church in 2011. The Diamond loves giving guest sermons throughout the west and spreading the Lord’s word through his wit and stories from the cowboy life he leads.

The Triple Cross Brand Cowboy Christian Ministry is a wonderful experience for all that are able to attend one of their services. In fact through stories, poems, songs and messages you can relate to, it’s hard to leave the Service without a big smile. You’ll definitely feel better than you did when you walked in!

See you at the next Triple Cross branding!