These Dirty Ol’ Wranglers

These dirty ol’ wranglers
Are worn with fade ‘n fray
They’ll be fine for tomorrow
Just like they were yesterday
These dirty ol’ boots
Carry a long history
Of cowboyin’ tradition
A life that seemed to choose me

These eyes have peaked at Heaven
Through the morning sky
These hands crossed on the horn
Have watched a hawk fly bye
Prairie jewels of untold riches
Are hidden beneath my vest
Never to let me forget I was
Born to ride the West

I’m the little girl or boy
With visions of thunderin’ herd
The one with the window stare
As the teacher mimed the word
Now my youth has bid adieu
And life’s not peaches ‘n cream
But put me in my saddle
And I enter my window dream

The smell of wet leather
The feel of a horse workin’ right
The cracklin’ fires melody
Under the stars at night
So I’ll keep my dirty ol’ wranglers
And let me be different than the rest
You can have your big city’s rush
I was born to ride the West

These dirty ol’ wranglers
Are more than clothes to me
Saddle horns and frosty morns
They’re all a part of me
These dirty ol’ hills
Will always be my home
Cattle call where the grass is tall
And ghosts ‘n cowboys roam

– Copyright Diamond Doug Keith