There’s an Angel in the saddle

There’s an Angel in the saddle
Riding the hills with me
She’s riding a Palomino Paint
For all the willows to see
Drifted wood in a sea of wildflowers
Move in waves with the wind
While the Angel strikes a lope
On a horse with ears pinned

Another Angel is to the right of me
Mounted upon a gaited steed
Her golden mane is flowing
As she spurs to take the lead
She is clearing my life’s path
On our Heavenly ride
I’ve never felt so safe
As with Angels by my side

I can feel my horse working
Traversin’ the high slope.
You can’t see straight ahead
The trail’s like the coils of my rope
I know we will find our way
No need to lament
I believe our journey’s charted
Even our time already spent

And who of us by worrying can add
To our life a single hour
Drop the reins in trust and faith
Knowing who has the power
The Angels leave me with a quote
From Jesus of whom we laud
“Blessed are the pure of heart
For they will see God”.

The Angels rode the hills with me.

– Copyright Diamond Doug Keith, 2008