The Saddlebag Preacher

The Saddlebag Preacher placed his bags down
And sat upon a rock
He was dusty and dressed in black
Then he slowly began to talk
He asked the Hands do you know God?
One said “not even in a dream”
The preacher smiled and looked around
And he asked “have you ever seen

Sparkling diamonds dance in the sun
On a stage of grassy dew
And young colts run and kick
Under a sky of pale blue
Or stood in awe of the mountains power
All draped in velvet green
Watch the beauty of a cougar
And you’ll know exactly what I mean”

“He is there” said the Saddlebag Preacher
“He’s there when a child starts to cry
Or when you saddle up in the morn
You’ll see Him in that horse’s eye
He’s in the chute for that saddle bronc ride
When you hunker down upon it’s back
He’s with you in that old Chevy truck
And in that dusty box of tack

When rain falls or the prairie winds blow
Or you hold the smallest of creature
Always know that he is with you”
Said the Saddlebag Preacher
“When you set your saddle and your ready to ride
He is holding the reigns for you
Guiding you through hard and winding trails
Showing you exactly what to do

“Your right hand will hold me fast”
Quoted that Bible teacher
“Wonderful are your works”
Continued the good Preacher
Look at clear running streams
Or cattle when they bawl
You can find Heaven in rolling hills
Where the grass is green and tall

He’s always there in times of pain
And he shares the joy of birth
When you look to the sky and pray
He knows your true worth
And he listens to every single word”
The dusty preacher said
“You don’t have to look very far to find him”
Holding his Bible over his head

“Know that He is all around you
Everywhere you look
And if you want to get to know him
Open the pages of His book”
The Preacher placed his coffee down
Picked up his worn out gear
And threw his leg over the saddle saying
“Remember one thing, He is here!”