The Office of a Friend

“Is your message ready for Sunday?”
A cowboy asked the preacher
“Well yes” he replied with a grin
And the look of a Divinity teacher
“Will you be attending” he asked.
“Sunday is the Lord’s day of rest
A day of reflection with your maker
The one who created the West”

“Padre I just have a simple question
But one you would call deep”
The preacher said puzzled, “Shoot”
The cowboy settled into the seat
“What would you say makes a friend?
A close one I mean”
“I guess I think I do”, says the Preacher
“They are there when times are lean”

“When all you have is your saddle
They are there with a smile”.
“When you’re down or in the hospital
They’ll drive the extra mile
They’ll do your chores and offer help
And they won’t leave when life is hard
They’ll dig deep to find the strength
It’s what a cowboy calls a pard”

“A pard is one who’ll give their life
If it meant saving you
And they don’t want anything in return
But asks what they can do”
You can’t force them to leave you
And they stand up for your name
And they know without asking
You would do the same”

“Does that help to answer your question
My inquisitive cowboy friend”
“Sort of” the cowpuncher nodded
“So they’re with you till the end?”
“Yes indeed through thick, thin and bad B.O.
Where the deer and antelope roam”
“I guess what I am really asking Preacher
Is how’d you get ‘em to go home!”