The Day Leonard Had a Sale

Seasoned bargain dudes ‘n cowboys alike
Traveled from near and far
To that camp hidden up in the hills
By half ton, semi and car
They had heard the rumor, the pillow talk
Passed up and down the trail
The cowboy known as Leonard
Was havin’ a retirement sale

He’d sell off his treasured hoof ‘n tack
The tools of his trade
And some old household items in a bid
To have his retirement paid
There were rusty wrenches & headstalls
Chaps plum worn through
The tools to float a horse’s tooth
And a runnin’ iron or two

Red velvet lamp shades, a saddle blanket,
A towel that says “hers”,
And one lonely jingle bob
From a pair of Leonard’s spurs
Tapaderros chewed on by a mouse
From a year that ends in BC,
The remnants less a cantle
From an Australian saddle tree

Several of Will James best books
And bits for those who chew the bit
Hackmores and snaffles of every shank
Silver, rust, every size, every fit
Still, no cowboys were buying…
Just standin’ round kickin up dust
Sharin’ jokes and a tin of copenhagan
While ol’ Len paced and fussed

By sundown his sale was over
And most everything did go
If it neighed or wasn’t nailed down
Bargain hunters had it in tow
But why were them dang cowboys circlin’
Stead of headin’ down the road?
Ah ha…Old Leonard was flush with all that cash…
They’d finally get back what they’s owed!

– Copyright Diamond Doug Keith