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Diamond-Doug-Keith-(18-of-3This website was designed to introduce you to Diamond Doug Keith, cowboy poet, cowboy cartoonist and western painter. However, it also has a secondary goal, to support cowboy culture. Folks believe the cowboy is going the way of the dinosaur, but this isn’t true! Cowboy culture is alive and well in North America, in art, poetry, song, or silversmith, saddle, or bit maker.  As long as there are cattle and horses there will be cowboys – you just can’t see them from the highway.

CCI Members

Some CCI members, with Doug in front

Cowboy culture is being kept alive by cowboys and those living a western way of life. Companies like Leanin’ Tree Cards produce beautiful and often humorous western cards that help keep the West alive. There are also groups of artists and the prestigious Cowboy Cartoonists International keeping the cowboy alive through their cowboy cartoons. Diamond Doug is a member of this internationally-recognized group; its artists show and sell their work every year at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas.

Cowboy Churches are one of the more popular events in the western part of North America. Hundreds of people fill the seats and hay bales to listen to old time gospel with a cowboy twist, as well as poems and stories done the cowboy way all leading up to the Cowboy Preacher’s message, which is pure cowboy and pure Christian. Anyone who’s ever been will walk out with a huge smile and a great feeling after a service, no matter what their religious status is. Diamond Doug is a cowboy preacher and a lay minister for the United Church.

Thank you for helping to keep cowboy culture alive!