Say A Prayer For The Cowboy

Say a prayer for the cowboy
Ridin’ that old fence line
The shadow in the distant hills
Or saddled in the sage and pine
And mention that cowpuncher
Riding the North winds that blow
With a calf across his saddle
Left freezing in the snow

Say a prayer for the cowboy
That didn’t make the money ride
Yet signs in pain an autograph
For the child with eyes open wide
Say a word for that young cowboy
That challenged rodeo’s cruel fate
And left a broken hearted family
To mourn a son they did cremate

Say a prayer for the cowboy
Whose kids wear secondhand clothes
Because cowboyin’ pays in other ways
Still Mom hopes nobody knows
She walks tall when she’s in town
In her old clothes slightly worn
Knowing how she’s raising her kids
To see Heaven on a cold frosty morn

Say a prayer for the cowboy
That he always live free and true
With honest horses and catch twine
On a range with no city view
Keep him set high in the saddle
With his beliefs branded in stone
And pray we learn by his example
That cowboy off riding alone

– Copyright 2006, Diamond Doug Keith