Office Politics

I had a sneaky horse once
Who never did play fair
Constantly up to dirty tricks
Of course she was a mare
She would kick, push and bite
Then act innocent as can be
The other horse would wonder
Who the heck kicked me

She would reach over and nip
The second horse to the right
In a game of Office Politics
She played day and night
Her target would never know
Who bit it on the back
And in confusion look both ways
She wouldn’t acknowledge the attack

She’d always push her head
Into another ponies pail
Eating all the horse’s feed
Then wink and wag her tail
At the old metal water trough
She had to selfishly drink first
Squeezing her way through the herd
She’d smile and quench her thirst

She’d nastily swing and whip her tail
Across a young colt’s face
Apparently just swatting bugs and flies
Though that simply wasn’t the case
She had dirty tricks by the dozen
And would use them on a whim
The herd never caught on to evil ways
She’s just as sweet as ever bin

Of course when I walk in the pasture
She’d have a look of “What who me?”
And be on her best behaviour
So I was sure to see
But I had this horse’s number
So I nicely sent her down the trail
See I’m no fan of Office Politics
And I shouldn’t of bought a horse named “For Sale”!

– Copyright Diamond Doug Keith, 2014