Just me and the world

Four hooves in harmony
Echo across the dusted snow
Riding a pinto patched trail
Through twilight’s colorful glow
The willows lay in tangled web
For one in the herd to stray
Not knowin’ it’s just me and my sorrel pony
Travilin’ through here today

The wind carries a cowboy song
That only I can hear
Whistlin’ that cowpuncher’s melody
I stop to check out my gear
My mount is grazin’ where a ranch once stood
When cowboy’s lived by the code
Ridin’ the range throwin’ straight ‘n true
For the outfits that they rode

But now the sun has set as I strike a lope
Guided by the stars above
With pictures tucked inside my heart
Of this land and life that I love
Cowboys should ride and never grow old
Or lose that sparkle ‘n gleam
For it’s days like this on the lone prairie
I’m ridin’ my childhood dream

You see I keep a tight grip on the reins
With one boot in the past
Just a good horse and me alone
Hopin’ the feeling will last
I ride for the love of yesterday
For tomorrow it will be but a memory
Today it’s just me and the world…
Today, it’s just the world and me

– Copyright Diamond Doug Keith