Good Guys Wear White?

Remember back to not that long ago
When cowboys rode the big screen
Black and white images seared lil’ minds
With action like they’d never seen
Galloping horses, smoking pistols & pretty women
Kept them glued to the edge of their seat
The jingle of spurs across the saloon floor
Signaled a bad guy was facing defeat

With those heroes like Hopalong, Gene & Roy
Everyone knew that night after night
Those horse thieving, land stealing, bad guys would wear black
And the good guys would always wear white!
They were larger than life in ten-gallon hats
Bright white and perfect as they rode
And folks knew the bad guys by moustache and scowl
As written in the cowboy code

But as I sit and ponder those simpler days
When good and bad was clear
How did they keep those clothes so white
With shoot outs and brawls in dust and beer
There never was a spot, spill or scuff
Least not none I’ve ever seen
Upon those vintage cow punching duds
…They always appeared Tide clean!

You see I once rode in brilliant white
Yes starched, creased and such
Yet ended up covered in horse sweat & manure
More spots and stains with every touch
I definitely wasn’t close to camera ready
And I didn’t take on a bad guy
Yet there were my heroes mounted tall
Glowing white and spotless as they rode by

Well I guess I’d be forced to play a villain
Though it kills me to say
Because I grew up believing that
Good guys are the cowboy way
I love those old cowboy heroes of mine
And I cheer for them still
Yet I definitely would dress in black
Cause I just can’t afford the laundry bill!

– Copyright Diamond Doug Keith, 2014