Cowtown Carol

Under a door crack
From out in the back
His dog watched as the shot rang out
He just wagged his tail
In the dust of the trail
And wondered what the noise was about

Now close to the door
His Master lay on the floor
In that hotbed of romance and sin
Known near and far
As the Buffalo Bar
In the town called ‘Head Smashed In’

‘Head Smashed In’
If there’s ever bin
A town in Hell conceived
For the bar on ‘Satan’s Stroll’
Takes a heavy toll
If your carnal needs relieved

As the gun smoke rose
She scratched her nose
With the hot end of the barrel
In content she smirked
Her plan had worked
No one lays a hand on Cowtown Carol

The floor was soaked red
As blood leaked from his head
And she gave his old dog a pat
She cursed that dark day
When she heard someone say
“That there’s Red River Rat!”

Carol took in strays
In those difficult days
And Red received a much needed hand
She was thanked with fists
And purple bruised wrists
And years of searching that demon land

For the man who lay dead
With a bullet in his head
In a town with no mercy or soul
Carol had searched far and wide
And there was no where to hide
For that ornery rat to hunt his hole

She looked a pretty sight
Clad in blue on white
With stars upon her cuffs to brand
Her breasts proudly heaved
Still, could it be believed?
She now sits with smoking gun in hand

While he pathetically wallowed
For years he felt followed
The shadows never felt colder
He didn’t know from where
Nor did he seem to care
Yet he constantly looked over his shoulder

Until that day
On the fifth of May
When he drank to where he’s bin
In the good ol’ Buffalo Bar
Came a reckoning from afar
And hit the town called ‘Head Smashed In’

She pulled the trigger fast
Begging the feeling to last
As she watched him drop to the floor
She thought a women never forgets
Nor does she carry any regrets
As she and his dog walk silently out the door!

– Copyright Diamond Doug Keith, 2014