Cowpuncher’s Melody

The West wind echoes a haunting tune
Carried on the willows they say
A song of history and tradition
Penned by men of yesterday
It’s melody’s wrote in leather and hide
And sung by ghosts and cowboys gone
Then woven through the pine in 3/4 time
At the start of each and every dawn

It’s the sounds of pure buckaroo
Adorned with chaps, rag and vest
It’s the creak of leather on leather
A life harsh, dusty and yet blessed
The romance of a cowboy is myth
But it’s music to his ears
Hearing the cow bawling for her calf calling
On his horse like it’s been done for years

A hawk screams in decent
With talons poised for prey
A horse jingles its bit for the perfect fit
Then lets out a quiet neigh
The huff of it’s breathe
Breathes an honest tune
For it can tell and knows full well
It’ll be home soon

The jingle of jingle bobs
On spurs that sparkle and gleam
Play an eerie song to days long gone
For cowboys who’ve already been
The rhythmic beat of hooves
Or the sound of hitting catch-twine,
And the wind on bob wire or the crackling fire
Or whistling through a bullet ridden sign

These sounds and many more
That together create a song
For cowboys riding alone where they are at home
In grass thick and long
Call it the Cowpuncher’s melody
And if you hear it you are blessed
It’s music to a cowboy’s ears played for many years
The song is calling your heart West

– Diamond Doug Keith copyright 2013