A Small Tall Tale

Sourdough Small and Too Tall Tom
Were really a sight to see
Too Tall Tom was six foot eleven
And Small was four foot three
If you’re looking to describe ’em
It would have to be a type face
One would definitely be the upper
And the other lower case

They rode together in the pasture
And down the dusty trail
They sat together for coffee and grub
And both could stretch a tall tale
Their size difference did have challenges
Like whisperin’ in Tom’s ear
What irked Sourdough the most of all
Was conversin’ with Tom’s rear

Tom was so tall in stature that if it rained
He was the first to know
And when Sourdough hit the fourth grade
His body refused to grow
However this contrary team did work
Tom changed the light bulbs he said
And Sourdough had small jobs as well
Like hunting socks under the bed

However they were Team Ropers
The best of the lot
Too Tall Tom was the Header and
Heeler Small always caught
Tall would just stretch out of the chute
And drop a loop over the head
With little Small scooting a heel shot
Quicker than pistol lead

Tom nodded his head upon his steed
That stood sixteen hands two
While Sourdough rode a Shetland Pony
That knew exactly what to do
They’d use their sizes to make the catch
Then grab their dallies on the horn
Stretching the steer out on the diagonal
A hold they practised every morn

Then they collect their buckles and cash
And shortly be on their way
Making the drive back to the Ranch
Where Sourdough’s wife would say
“Congratulations, I’m proud of you both
Though you know I’m bias to Small
Cause I know it’s better to love a short man
Than to have never have loved a tall!”